Sunday, February 19, 2012


Life...sometimes its as if your life is house that's sitting in the middle of a hurricane!

I've been there, whenever everything that can go wrong does and everything beats on you. I also have family that went through a super devastating hurricane, Hurricane Andrew of 1992. As I recall their story of those long hours in the safety of the large family closet...their story meshes with some thoughts I've had in trying to encourage someone.

Your life is a house that is sitting in the midst of a hurricane...a nasty, horrific one! Then there's the closet in the middle of that house where you find yourself hunkered down for safety. That closet is your spirit, your relationship with precious Jesus!

Your house is being beaten...its bumped, knocked, slammed, bruised, shattered, broken, soaked, scarred and even destroyed. You are found in your closet seeking refuge from the storm that has come against your house, your life. Its safety and security that you seek in that closet. Yes, you can still hear the winds whipping, the thunder rolling, the hail pounding, the roof ripping, the walls peeling...but you stay in your closet where its safe! Being in the closet doesn't take the storm away but it makes it alot easier and there's hope...hope even if the only thing left standing is the closet, your spirit and your Jesus!

So run! Run to your closet! Jesus wants to meet you there in this storm and stay with you through all of them! He's your consistent hope when hail falls upon your house, your life! He's your consistent hope when nothing else is!

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