Friday, May 4, 2012

Fairy Tales are Boring...

Have you heard? I surpassed the fairy tales! How can anything be better than a fairy tale?

A fairy tale is predictable.
It’s oddly “perfect”…but what about all the beauty that is found in imperfection?
 It’s plain, the glitz and adventure of a fairy tale is planned and posed.
Its sallow.

I don’t want any of that. I want more. I found more. His name is Dru Colson! I have learned so much this last year about myself, love, commitment, pursuit, compromise, patience, service, life, and my Jesus! Most importantly I’ve seen and understood the love of Christ in a richer form.

How did we meet? Those of you who don’t go to church with us don’t know all the details…

I work with the students at my church. Youth ministry is my passion! I’ve been working in youth ministry for 10 years now!

At this point in my life, my single life, I had thrown up my hands. I had been setup with everyone but the pope with no results, I’d long past the college playing field of love, I battled the ever creeping thoughts of what’s wrong with me, and I have to admit…I was peeking around on what the world calls “Internet Dating!” No I’m not kidding, sadly enough. (Don’t try it, it’s depressing).

I had asked God why? When? Where? Am I to be single? How many more lessons in single life do I have to learn?  What else do I need to do? What am I doing wrong? What is it that You are waiting on me to do or complete?  I’m almost 30, how is it not time yet?

There wasn’t a detailed answer. He simple just said, I promise.

I promise.

I finally had said these exact words to God: “He will have to walk through the doors of my church!” It came out as frustration and sarcasm yet I meant it. And I believed it. I believed He would send my husband in that manner. I held on to this belief, slid it into my heart and pushed forward.

Then…on a Wednesday night in December of 2009 Andrew Lee Colson walked in the doors of my church. He was known that night as “DJ Dru”.

I didn’t even meet him that night. However, I did notice his interactions and heart for our students. I am protective over them so I paid close attention to how positively he interacted with them and how they responded in return.  I approached him the following Sunday and thanked him for what he did with our students earlier in the week.

And at this point I was thinking nothing in the manner of this could be the guy. I was kinda closed off, I knew the guy was going to have to do cartwheels, begging and maybe even slapping me up the side of the head to get my attention.

Friendship. Through our involvement in youth work we quickly became partners in ministry and close friends.

And the story only gets better from there! So you’ll have to wait for another blog!...